Create Irresistible Curb Appeal

05 October, 2017


First impressions are important, even more so in the real estate industry. Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, first impressions for properties really begin with online photos. How can you add an extra edge of curb appeal that will be noticed by everyone whether they’re shopping online or stopping for an open house? Our team put our heads together and discussed the five most vital tips for increasing curb appeal:

1) Fabulous Front Doors
Paint is an inexpensive way to brighten up your front door. Go a step further and paint door trims and window trims to match!

2) Gorgeous Gardens
Planting some vibrant flowers and luscious plants will add a lush and relaxed feeling to your yard, the bumblebees will be happy too!

3) Immaculate Patios & Pathways
Create an inviting, picture-perfect porch using contrasting paints, beautiful furniture, and a few accent plants for an irresistible level of charm.

4) Landscape That Lawn
Show your neighbours who really has style by ensuring your lawn is immaculately manicured. If you don’t know where to begin, consider hiring a landscaper to help!

5) Restore The Roof
Homeowners often forget about their roof’s, but rest assured that it’s in the forefront of buyer’s minds. Keep yours in tip-top shape for an extra boost of appeal.

Finally, do a walk-through from the sidewalk to the backyard and try to see your home in the eyes of a buyer. What are they looking for? What unique features does your home have that can be enhanced to create more appeal? Other tips include polishing your house numbers so they’re visible from the road and adding some path lights to illuminate your yard. Now you’re ready to make heads turn whether they see your listing online or stroll past your home!

Staging Your Home: Tips from the Pros

18 August, 2017

undefinedSelling your home can sometimes be an overwhelming process, and often one of the most over-looked tasks is staging. “Staging” refers to styling and upgrading your home with the goal of making it sell faster. When dealing with such a significant transaction, you should be putting in extra effort to really help your property stand out. Potential buyers want to envision themselves living happily in your home, so aim to create a space that would easily fit almost anyone’s lifestyle. Real estate agents will be able to offer you guidance and can refer you to a professional home stager, but having a few tricks up your sleeve can help make the process smoother. To get you in the right mindset, we have compiled some great tips from staging gurus around the globe to help you stage-to-sell!

Tip #1 – Make A Great First Impression

Often buyers will be curious before they even come for a viewing, so will do a drive-by to see if your home is even worth stepping into. Aim to please by washing walkways & windows, planting bright flowers, and doing some yard maintenance.

Tip #2 – Clean & De-clutter

It seems straight forward but certain areas can be easily forgotten. Ensure that all junk piles are sorted, surfaces have been dusted, and ceiling fans are cleaned. And de-cluttering doesn’t mean throwing away your personal belongings! Consider temporary off-site storage to house the items that don’t suit your staging theme.

Tip #3 – Set Your Table

Set the scene for entertainment and help potential buyers envision what it would be like to host in their new home. If you have a large, elegant space, set the table as though you were celebrating a full-course meal. If your dining area is on the cozier side, set the table as if you were having a nice family breakfast.

Tip #4 – Mirror, Mirror, In The Hall

A mirror can give the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is by allowing more light into the space and lengthening the room, so consider adding wall mirrors to hallways or any area that needs to feel more spacious.

Tip #5 – Don’t Forget To Depersonalize

Allow perspective buyers to picture themselves turning your house into their home by removing personal photos and replacing them with inexpensive art. This also goes for any distinguishing toys or valuables that may indicate the lifestyle of the family that currently lives in the homes.


Remember that the staging process does not have to be an expensive, stressful venture. Aiming to appeal to a wide range of people will improve the chances of your listing being sold. Creatively styling and upgrading your home will create high demand for your property, and lessen the chance that you will have to settle on your selling price.

Summer In The City

06 July, 2017

undefinedWhether it’s the place you call home or a vacation destination, we can all agree that summer in the city of Kingston is unforgettable. No matter your age, ability, or interests, Kingston has something for everyone – especially throughout the summer months. If you’re new to the city or would just like to see a full list of city events, check out Kingston Region and YGK Events. Some annual events have become staples in town that everyone looks forward to each year, and new businesses have also started their own traditions, bringing fresh and fun ideas to the city.

Buskers Rendezvous - July 6-9 (Free – By Donation) 
Each year this event takes over the downtown core and immerses visitors with fantastic performances. Enjoy some of the wildest and wackiest street performance you’ll ever see, and be prepared to be pulled into the show!

Taste of Kingston - July 30 (Food Tickets $1 Each) 
This is the 19th year for this annual food festival located in Confederation Basin that celebrates local cuisine and live entertainment. Don’t forget to stop for a photo-op with the recently installed “KINGSTON” sign!

Princess Street Promenade - August 5 | 10am – 5pm (Free) 
A true shopper’s paradise and a great chance to get to know local businesses downtown. You can certainly spend an entire day picking through great sale items, grabbing some locally-made snacks, and participating in a variety of fun activities.

1000 Islands Poker Run – August 18-19 (Free) 
Another incredible annual event that takes place in Confederation Basin! Tour the docks and check out the boats on Friday night, then watch the stunning power boats take off for their journey around the 1000 Islands on Saturday morning.

Limestone City Blues Festival – August 24-27 (Bracelets $15) 
Get ready to be blown away by Blues Fest! Enjoy endless hours of amazing blues music with concerts in Springer Market Square and on Princess Street. Your festival bracelet also allows you to redeem “Blues Bucks” at various businesses downtown.

Movies In The Square – Every Thursday At Dusk (Free) 
Bring friends, family, and lawn chairs down to Springer Market Square to enjoy some great films on the big screen:
- July 13: Rogue One
- July 20: The Parent Trap (1996)
- July 27: Elf
- August 3: Finding Dory
- August 10: Ocean’s Eleven
- August 17: Beauty & The Best (1991)
- August 24: Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
- August 31: X Men – First Class

Milestones Live Music –Tuesday’s | 7pm – 9pm 
You’ll go for the great food and stay for the live music. With a sexy atmosphere and special drink prices on Tuesday’s, it’s a great place to unwind after a long day at work or just to chill out with friends.

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