If you’re expecting a new little family member, child-proofing your home can save you stress and prevent unnecessary boo-boo’s. Since a considerable amount of childhood injuries occur in the home, safety should be on the minds of all new parents. It may seem like an impossible task, but we promise that there are ways to ensure your little one if safe at home! Start by going from room to room and assess the areas that you feel will pose the biggest threat, then once those are out of the way you can focus on the less-obvious areas. Here are 10 tips we’ve gathered for foolproof child-proofing:

  • Make sure your fireplace is covered
  • Mount your TV securely on the wall
  • Protect any glass covered surfaces like coffee tables
  • Install cordless blinds so your little one can’t get wrapped up
  • Ensure any choking hazards are out of reach (candles, batteries, crayons, etc.)
  • Anchor heavy furniture to the walls or floor to avoid tipping
  • Lock all lower cabinets in your kitchen
  • Set cutlery and utensils out of reach
  • Remove waste basked liners from small garbage cans to avoid choking hazards
  • Ensure your toilet is latched closed

There are more safety strategies that you can use to keep your home safe through each stage of your youngster’s life, from crawling to running around like a wild child, so do your research. Remember that babies move quickly and since the average toddler starts to crawl around 7-9 months, you better start as soon as possible!