It’s a dog’s world and we just live in it! This is true for most dog owners who know that they may pay the bills, but their canine pal ultimately rules the home. If you have a dog at home and are thinking of moving, you are likely trying to find a neighbourhood that caters to yours and your pooch’s lifestyle. Luckily, Kingston is an extremely pet-friendly town and has quite a few off-leash dog parks* for your four-legged friend to enjoy.

  1. Rotary Park – 1280 Coverdale Drive
  2. MacLean Trail Park – 918 Highway 15
  3. Meadowbrook Park – 444 Kingsdale Avenue
  4. Memorial Centre – 303 York Street
  5. Grass Creek Park – 2991 Highway 2 East

Let your dog stretch his or her legs and blow off some steam with their favorite puppy friends! As leash laws become more restrictive, these off-leash parks are a great way to let your pup have fun and socialize safely. Contact our team and we can help you find the perfect home in a neighborhood that suits your routine. *Note that these are fenced-in off-leash parks, but some may have gaps in the fencing, so the City of Kingston advises that pet owners stay with their dogs at all times.